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Box-shaped gabions

it is a prefabricated structure in the form of a parallelepiped made of metal double torsion mesh with hexagonal cells.

Gabion mattresses

it is a prefabricated construction made of metal double torsion mesh with hexagonal cells.

Complex "Green wall"

is an ecological modular system of the armoring of the soil used for fixing unstable arrays of soil, slopes and slopes.

Cylindric Gabions

it is a construction of prefabricated double torsion mesh with diameter of 0.65 or 0, 95 mm and a length of 2 to 4 m.

* Coast walls, protection of slopes, strengthening of shores, protection and channeling of the rivers;
* Construction of retaining;
* Anti-landslide measures – reinforcement of slopes and soil;
* Hydrotechnical works and hydraulic engineering construction;
* Stabilization of soil erosion and conservation of soil
* Lining of canals and dams
* Protection of seashore
* Protection from rocks collapse
* Armoring and reinforcement of roadways.
* Cantledge and protection of submarine pipelines.

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